Why should I take out travel insurance?

It is advisable to take out travel insurance for any unforeseen events that you may encounter before your departure on a trip or during your stay. Buying insurance allows you to go on vacation with peace of mind.

Do the stays all offer repatriation insurance?

Stays do not automatically include repatriation insurance. To benefit from it, you must take out the proposed insurance.

Is there repatriation insurance in the event of a complication due to a particular illness?

Yes, we offer repatriation insurance. To find out more, contact us.

What guarantees do I have that my trip will go well?

We have all the accreditations in the field of travel. In addition to our professionalism, we have an official tour operator license with Atout France as well as an APS financial guarantor: the two conditions necessary for the exercise of the profession of tour operator.Legal form: Follow Me by Sarah is a brand filed. Share capital: 7,500 euros. Professional Civil Liability Insurance (RCP) coverage

Do you control the quality and adaptability of your establishments?

We only offer destinations that we control and on which we carry out regular checks and scouting.

It is advisable to take out travel insurance for any unforeseen events that you may encounter before your departure on a trip or during your stay. Buying insurance allows you to go on vacation with peace of mind.

Medical & Sanitary

Do I need to have vaccines before leaving on a trip? 

Health formalities vary depending on the destination. Contact us. 

Are there any health recommendations? 

In any foreign country you visit, it is important to be careful about the use of the water you drink and the food you eat. For more details on the health recommendations to take at your destination, contact us. 

Can we have medical assistance on site? 

Depending on the location and your needs, we can offer you on-site medical services. 

What should I do to tell the airport that the person I am traveling with needs their medication during the flight? 

If you are traveling with a person on treatment, please let us know before your departure in order to notify the airline with which you are traveling. 

Do I have specific medical treatment? 

Make sure you have all the necessary medical papers during your trip to certify your medical treatment with your airline during the flight and your hotel during your stay there. 

I have food allergies or follow a special diet for medical reasons.

If this is the case, before you leave on your trip, let us know so that we can send all the necessary information to the destination. We will also provide the airline with information about your specific plan. 



How to contact the reservation service? 

You can contact us by email or phone for any reservation request. 

Can I get back to the person who took care of my file?

 Yes, you have a dedicated contact person before, during and after your trip. 

How to book? 

You can book your trip online by visiting our website. 

Is the reservation made only on the website or can I go to an agency to reserve? 

You can book your trip online on our website or at our office by appointment. 


How are the payment of the trip going?

– A deposit of 30% more than one month before departure is required

– 100% within one month of departure 

How do I pay for my trip?

To pay your bill online, you will be redirected to our bank’s secure site. It is possible to pay for your trip by credit card or by bank transfer. 

Can I pay for the same stay with different payment methods? 

You can pay with different payment methods. 

Can I pay with several different bank cards? 

It is quite possible to pay with several bank cards. 

Can payment for the stay be made by different people at the same time?

It is possible to pay with several credit cards belonging to several people. 

If I withdraw, am I fully reimbursed? 

Upon payment of the deposit, the reservation is firm and final. In case of cancellation penalties are due. The customer irrevocably agrees to pay the balance of the package up to the cancellation penalties incumbent on him. Any cancellation by the customer will incur charges per person. For more details on cancellation and refund, see our terms and conditions.

 If I have already paid for my trip, can I change or cancel it?

 If you have subscribed to our cancellation insurance, you have the option of canceling your trip under certain conditions. 

Is payment on your site secure? 

All payments made on our site are done securely. We make it a point of honor to secure the data you provide when purchasing your stay. This is why our site is entirely “https” (secure site), and we use the same security standard on our site as that of the banks. 


What should I do once I have requested a quote? 

Once your quote request has been sent, we will contact you within 48 hours. 

When will I receive my travel documents? 

Your travel documents will be sent to you less than a month before your departure. 

What are the entry formalities? 

The entry formalities depend on the destination to which you are going. For more details on entry formalities, contact us. 

What is the maximum weight of my authorized baggage? 

The maximum allowable weight of your baggage depends on the airline you are traveling with. Each company has its own regulations. 

When will I know the flight schedules? 

During the quote, you can know the schedules of the proposed flights. 

How do I get around the airport if I am traveling with a disabled person?

If you are traveling with a disabled person, thank you in advance for specifying your needs at the time of quotation in order to offer you adapted services. 

Do the proposed establishments offer disabled facilities? 

Yes, each trip is tailor-made according to the profile of each traveler. 

What does “price from” mean exactly? Is the price indicated on the site final? 

The prices of the products displayed on our site correspond to the “low season” prices, the cheapest of the year and with the cheapest flights available. The price indicated on your quote is calculated from the date of the stay, the room category you have chosen and the air availability on day D, taking into account any fuel increases. To get the best prices on our popular destinations, it is therefore advisable to book several months in advance and not wait until the last minute. The exact price is the one that will appear in the quote sent by our advisers, we recommend that you confirm your quote quickly, as we cannot maintain.

Who should I contact if I encounter a problem during my stay? 

In an emergency, it is imperative to contact the local primary emergency services for any problem within their competence.In any case, our intervention cannot replace the interventions of local public services or of all stakeholders to whom we are obliged to resort under local and / or international regulations. For any claim concerning assistance during your stay or cancellation insurance, luggage, interruption of stay, etc. Contact us. We are reachable during agency opening hours and on our emergency number outside of these hours. Our correspondent for destinations whose contact details will be given to you before your departure will also be reachable.

 Do you offer departures from the provinces? 

We offer departures from the provinces and establish your quote according to the desired departure point. 

Children & Babies

Is there specific equipment for toddlers and babies in hotels? 

Some establishments have this type of equipment. Please let us know your needs when you quote. 

Is there specific equipment for babies on planes? 

Often, airlines have this type of equipment on their planes. Please let us know your needs when you quote. 

Privacy Policy

What is your privacy policy on personal information that I have sent to you via a form? 

Follow Me by Sarah is committed to respecting the confidentiality of information provided by the Internet user. Your details will not be passed on to any third party at any time and in any way, unless required to do so by French law. We use the name and / or contact details of the Internet user for the sole purpose of providing them with services and managing their file. However, when the order is finalized, we must pass on the name and age of the travelers to the partners involved in the case, including the airline and hotelier. Follow Me by Sarah is committed to its clients to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us. The confidential information that you send us is only intended to process your order. You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you, in accordance with Article 34 of the “Informatique et Libertés” law.